Learner Driving Lessons

Learner Driving Lessons Colchester

Before you start.

Before you can take driving lessons or book your theory and practical tests you need to obtain your Provisional Driving Licence and be able to read a car number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres (67 feet). If you are unsure about your eyesight, it is recommended you consult your opticians.

How many lessons will I need?

Everyone is different, after a few driving lessons, your driving instructor will be able to tell you roughly how many hours you'll need. To give you an idea, the national average is 52 hours of driving lessons with a professional driving intructor combined with 25 hours of supervised practice in a private car.

About your driving lessons.

Your driving instructor will pick you up from anywhere in Colchester. Driving lessons are typically 2 hours long, however longer lessons are available upon request. At the beginning your driving instructor will keep the car safe and give you lots of easy to understand and straight forward help around Colchester. As your driving skills improve you will gradually get less help until you can drive the car safely in a confident and controlled manner.

Whilst you're learning to drive you will be provided with a free Theory and Hazard app which will help you pass the theory test first time. Before you know it you will find it easy to carry out manoeuvres, drive in busy multilane roads whilst negotiating pedestrian crossings, traffic lights and roundabouts with confidence. When you're at this stage your driving instructor will go through the "show me tell me" questions to prepare you for your driving test. Although you will be a confident driver, you may still be a little nervous about the driving test, your driving instructor will support you to help you feel at ease during the driving test.

You will benefit from Conquer Driving's focused method of learning, this method of learning allows you to achieve a target every driving lesson. After every lesson you will be able to walk away knowing you have achieved something and are one step closer to passing your driving test in Colchester. This method of learning also helps to give you a positive driving attitude which will help you become a safe, responsible and efficient driver in as short a time as possible.

Who can I practice with?

It is illegal for a Provisional Driving Licence holder to drive a car unsupervised. You need to be accompanied by a supervisor who is over the age of 21 and has held a UK driving licence for at least 3 years. It's recommend you only practice with a qualified driving instructor until you reach a suitable standard of driving, your driving instructor will let you know when you're ready. It's also important to make sure that the car is roadworthy and insured for your use.