Motorway Tuition/Lessons

Learner Driving Lessons Colchester

Is motorway tuition for me?

Motorway tuition is suitable for all ages. If you haven't used a motorway for some years or have recently passed your driving test, motorway tuition will help you gain the skills and knowledge to deal with these roads safely. If you've been involved in a motorway accident, we can help restore your confidence and make you a safer driver.

How are motorways different?

Motorways are busy multi-lane roads which prohibit cyclists and motorcylces under 50cc. Also, speed limits are higher for coaches and large goods vehicles on Motorways. It's illegal for learners to practice on Motorways without a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor and is not part of the driving test, therefore it's recommended that new drivers practice motorway driving after they pass the driving test.

How many lessons will I need?

Every individual is different and motorway lessons will be tailored to your needs. Some people will only need a two hour lesson but others may need more, after your first lesson your driving instructor will recommend a suitable number of lessons.

Are motorways safe?

Motorways are very safe roads, there are no pedestrian crossings, no cylclists and mile for mile very few junctions to deal with. However, due to the high speed and busy nature of motorways, accidents are usually serious. But with a little training you can learn how to prevent accidents and deal with situations calmly and competently.

What does motorway tuition involve?

The important things to practice: