Practical Driving Test

How to book your Practical Test

When you have passed the theory test, you can apply for a practical test. To book your practical test call: 0300 200 1122 or book online. You need your driving licence, theory test pass certificate and bank details to hand when you book the test.

Book a Practical Test.

Driving Test Pass Certificate

About the Practical Test

The practical test lasts approximately 40 minutes, to pass the test you must demonstrate a competent ability to drive a car safely in different traffic conditions, whilst following the highway code. The test route will include a variety of roads, some with speed limits greater than 30mph. You will be asked to carry out one reversing exercise and 10-20 minutes of independent driving which may include following a sat nav, one in three tests also includes the emergency stop. Despite popular rumour, there are no pass or fail quotas, if the required standard is met, you will pass the test.

How is the test carried out?

Firstly, you'll be greeted by your examiner and asked to sign the driving test report sheet. To test your eyesight, you'll be asked to read a number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres. You'll then be asked one "tell me" question. Before you get moving your examiner will quickly explain what the test involves. During the drive you'll be given directions in plenty of time and at some point will be asked one of the "show me" questions. Don't worry if you go the wrong way, you'll pass the driving test as long as you drive safely.

Videos explaining the "show me tell me" questions

How is the Test Marked

There are three types of faults that can be marked:

You can make up to 15 driving faults and still pass the test. If you make 16 or more driving faults, you won't pass your test. If you make one serious or dangerous fault, you won't pass your test.

Video Guide to the Practical Test

Test Result

If you pass, the examiner will suggest any minor improvements you require and give you a pass certificate. The examiner will give you the option to post your driving licence application on your behalf, please make sure the examiner has your up to date address to ensure your driving licence reaches you.

If you fail, the examiner will give you the option to have your driving instructor present for the debrief. The debrief will explain why you failed along with any minor improvements you require. You must wait ten clear working days before you can resit the test.

What documents should I take?

Provisional photo card driving licence.